Snake Discovery COLLAB – Five MORE of the Best Pet Snakes You Could Possibly Get!

You aren’t a beginner reptile keeper, and you want the best pet snake on the planet. Emily, from Snake Discovery, helps us give you the pros and cons of five unusual and amazing pet snakes!

These 5 Amazing Pet Snakes that Clint picks are…
– Woma Python
– Green Tree Python
– African Egg Eating Snakes
– False Water Cobra
– Rosy Boa

Watch to find out why they are so amazing!


Snake Discovery:


0:49 Our Love of Snakes

2:28 Woma Python

5:06 Green Tree Python

9:54 African Egg Eating Snakes

14:37 False Water Cobra

18:45 Rosy Boa

21:06 Conclusion

21:57 Bloopers, Outtakes, Silliness