SAFELY HANDLING 8 SNAKES AND LIZARDS | Featuring The Beach Family (The Beach House/Pins and Things)

Knowing how to handle snakes and lizards without injuring the reptile or the handler can be scary. With the help of the Beach family (Rebecca, Michael, Charlie, Corbin, Ellie, and James), Clint explains how to help children and adults safely handle reptiles big and small (tegu, boa, ball python, legless lizard, sand boa, hognose, uromastyx, crested gecko).


Watch Clint on The Beach House: youtu.be/tGpg9C1w284

The Beach House: www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLJF9SFT-CG2pEW0g1sORw

Pins & Things: www.youtube.com/channel/UCFuPSIZ-o3FeI7lG62LLmSg


00:27 The Beach House

1:07 Meet Charlie. How to teach a very small child how to handle reptiles.

2:00 Charlie holds a Bearded Dragon.

3:26 Charlie holds a Gopher Snake.

4:50 Meet Ellie. How to teach a 4 year old how to handle reptiles.

5:10 Ellie holds a Uromastyx Lizard.

6:10 Ellie holds a Ball Python.

6:56 Meet Corbin. How to teach a 6 year old how to handle reptiles.

7:18 Corbin holds a Bearded Dragon.

8:23 Corbin holds a Hognose Snake.

9:07 Meet James. How to teach an 8 year old how to handle reptiles.

9:38 James holds a Crested Gecko.

11:28 James holds a Sand Boa.

13:07 Meet Rebecca.

13:35 Rebecca holds a European Legless Lizard.

16:03 Rebecca holds a Ball Python.

18:32 Meet Michael.

18:52 Michael holds a Tegu.

21:05 Michael holds a Boa.

25:36 Conclusion.

26:07 Bloopers, out-takes, silliness.