Panther Chameleon vs Bearded Anole (False Chameleon) – Head To Head

The panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) may be the coolest animal on Earth, and the best pet chameleon, but is it a better pet lizard than the false chameleon (Anolis barbatus) also known as the bearded anole? To find out, we put these two amazing reptiles head to head!


Mesh Enclosure:

Glass Enclosure:


Real Plants:
Pathos =
Collection =

Fake Plants:

Climbing Wood:
Malaysian Driftwood =
Mopani Wood =

Basking Lamp Fixture:

Basking Lamp Bulb:

UVB Lamp Fixture:

UVB Lamp Bulb:

Water Dripping System:

Water Misting System:

Hissing Cockroaches:

Dubia Roaches:




Animal Ark:


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