Every Single Reptile Species That I Have

Want to see my reptile collection? Well here is every species that I keep. Welcome to my home. I am going to show you every snake, lizard and turtle species that I have. I hope you enjoy! ==== Tegu Overview: […]

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Western Hognose vs Kenyan Sand Boa – Head To Head

Kenyan sand boas and western hognose snakes are two of the best pet snakes you can possibly get. Both were on our list of Five of the Best Pet Snakes You Can Possibly Get. But which one is the better […]

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22 Facts About Crested Geckos

22 Stinkin’ Rad Facts About Crested Geckos

Crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus) are awesome! This is a fact. But there is so much more to know about these amazing lizards. How many of these stinkin’ rad facts do you know? ==== Repashy Crested Gecko Diet: Pangea Fruit […]

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Reptile Q&A

You’re On Clint’s Reptiles! – Reptile Q&A

Not long ago we gave you a chance to be on Clint’s Reptiles ( Well the first of you are on today! You had some great questions, and we’ve got answers! ==== Rubbermaid All-Access Storage Tote: Hemostats: Chicken […]

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Panther Chameleon, The Best Pet Lizard?

Chameleons are incredible pet lizards, but they are also difficult pets to keep. Clint looks at one of the best pet chameleons, the panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), to determine if this is the right pet reptile for you. ==== Mesh […]

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Top 5 Reptiles For Kids

Top 5 Reptiles For Kids

Reptiles make great pets! And keeping a pet reptile can be a great experience for a kid, but if you pick the wrong one, it can be a terrible experience for the kid, the reptile, and for you. Clint gives […]

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EVOLUTION – Not As Controversial As You May Think

Biological evolution can be a controversial topic. But most people who oppose it do so based on misconceptions about what evolution is and how it works. Clint explains the basic mechanisms of biological evolution and shows that, when you know […]

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What Is A Reptile?

Most People Are WRONG About Reptiles, And You Probably Are Too!

You know that reptiles are stinkin’ rad pets. This is a fact! But do you know what a reptile is? Most people do not. Clint shows off some rad pet reptiles, and explains what makes this group special, and what […]

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Mexican Black Kingsnake, The Best Pet Snake?

The Mexican black kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula nigrita) is one of the most beautiful snakes in the world. It is also a fantastic pet. But is it the right pet snake for you? ==== Enclosures:… Water Bowl: Heat […]

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Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko – Head To Head

Crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus), and leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are both very popular pets, and that is because they are both adorable, and they are both fantastic pet reptiles. They are stinkin’ rad! But which is the best pet reptile? […]

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