Milk Snake, The Best Pet Snake?

Milk snakes (Lampropeltis triangulum) made our list as one of the best pet snakes you could possibly get. But are they the right pet snake for you? We look a bit closer at these beautiful, fascinating snakes to help you decide.



Water Bowl:

Heat Pad:

Heat Tape:



Aspen Shavings:


4:10 Milk Snakes get an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.

4:30 Score criteria: Handleability, Care, Hardiness, Availability, Upfront Costs.

4:42 Handleability: How well does a Milk Snake do with handling?

7:06 Care: What is involved with caring for Milk Snakes?

9:31 Hardiness: How hardy are Milk Snakes?

9:56 Availability: How easy is it to obtain a Milk Snake?

11:05 Upfront Costs: How much does it cost to get setup with a Milk Snake?

12:27 Conclusion: Milk Snakes deserve an overall score of 4.4.

13:01 Bloopers, out-takes, silliness.