How to Handle a Hognose Snake

Clint gives a little fun information about and demonstrates proper handling techniques for the western hognose snake (Heterodon nasicus).


Well hi there! I’m here today the Dark Side and Dark Side is my female Western Hognose Snake. I love hognose snakes, they are just spectacular.

And Dark Side here is actually a pretty big Western Hognose Snake. Males, for example, stay considerably smaller than this. Females can get a little bit bigger but she’s on the big side and I just love them. They’re just incredible.

So pleasant, most of the time. Every hognose snake I’ve ever had does go through a little grumpy phase where they’ll hiss at you and then they strike … sort of. When they strike they usually strike with their mouths closed because they’re goofballs, but who couldn’t love them.

What they do, so they got, you look at them really closely, they got this goofy shovel nose that is one of my favorite things in the world. And they just sort of poke you with that nose – which is great because they’re actually a venomous snake. They’ve got things that are in the back of their mouth. You’d usually have to let them chew on you for a minute before those fangs that get in yeah and even then it wouldn’t be that bad you just kind of have like a bad bee sting or your finger to swell up like a banana. And you’d have a little banana finger for a while. Not something I worry about, not something that’s ever happened to me. But with that shovel nose sometimes while you’re holding them if you’re not looking at them they’ll start to use that shoulder dig into you. Because that’s what the shovel is for – they’re trying to dig and so it’ll just like kind of nuzzling in you with that nose. And I’m like WHOA is it starting to chew on me because that’s the way I’m worried about being bitten by a hognose snake. They love food, they just love food and they just kind of walk up to it – well they don’t walk so well because … no legs. But they come up to food and they just kinda go [nom nom nom] and start swallowing it down. And I’m always concerned that my finger will smell a little bit like a mouse or a toad which is what they eat in the wild, and they’ll just start munching on me. So anytime I feel that nose going into me – WHOA, okay it’s just that was just trying to dig. And I’ve never actually had one tried to munch me, though I do know people who have had that experience and I’m trying to avoid it.

But I love hognose snakes, you would love hognose snakes. What pleasant little creatures. Well thank you so much for being here with me today and with Dark Side. We’ve had a wonderful time. As always like and subscribe and we hope to see you real soon. 🙂 Say goodbye Dark Side [Goodbye Dark Side] She doesn’t hear herself.