How to Handle a Boa

Clint gives a little fun information about and demonstrates proper handling techniques for the common boa (Boa imperator).


Hey there! What I’ve got for you today is a young, a two year old, female common boa often known as BCI’s. Sometimes called Colombian Boas and I don’t think you have any guarantee that your boa comes purely from Colombian ancestry.

Anyway I wanted to show you what it’s like interacting with a young boa. And boas, I love them. They’re one of the best creatures you could ever interact with. They are so inquisitive – they like to explore and cruise around. It’s very different than handling most ball pythons. Most ball pythons are more content to just sit still – at least for a while. Sometimes they’ll just kind of form a ball, you can stick them on your neck they’ll stay there for a while. They’re much calmer and generally – there are exceptions – but generally less inclined to explore. But a boa, like this one, they are just really fun. I enjoy them as adults. They’ll almost give you just a big snake hug. And yet, as juveniles, and you can still see they’re fairly arboreal snake and so they will hold on to you really well. You just become their little tree.

I love them, I’m always careful when I’m around other people and handling a boa. I’m always careful to control their head. A lot of times, even though they’re not feeling defensive not being aggressive at all, they can kind of have their neck kind of poised as though they’re ready to strike. And that makes it a little more difficult for me to tell if they are feeling defensive. And so I will control them up near the head. But you can see I’m never ever grabbing her I’m just supporting her body and having a wonderful time.

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