Green Iguana, The Best Pet Lizard?

So you think you want a green iguana (Iguana iguana) as a pet. Before you make up your mind, you should probably watch this. We should probably call this “Green Iguana, The Worst Pet Lizard?”


Water Bowl:

Basking Lamp Fixture:

Basking Lamp Bulb:

UVB Lamp Fixture:

UVB Lamp Bulb:

Hissing Cockroaches:

Dubia Roaches:



Calcium Supplements w/ D3:

Vitamin Supplements:

Kamp Kenan:


2:55 Green Iguanas get an overall score of 2.6 out of 5.

3:00 Score criteria: Handleability, Care, Hardiness, Availability, Upfront Costs.

3:09 Handleability: How well does a Green Iguana do with handling?

5:42 Care: What is involved with caring for Green Iguanas?

7:08 Hardiness: How hardy are Green Iguanas?

8:20 Availability: How easy is it to obtain a Green Iguana?

10:22 Upfront Costs: How much does it cost to get setup with a Green Iguana?

11:07 Conclusion: Green Iguana deserve an overall score of 2.6.

12:58 Bloopers, out-takes, silliness.