Five MORE of the Best Pet Lizards You Could Possibly Get!

You aren’t a beginner reptile keeper, and you want the best pet lizard on the planet. Well, this list is for you!

These 5 Amazing Pet Lizards that Clint picks are…
– Uromastyx
– Jeweled Lacerta
– Cuban False Chameleon (Bearded Anole)
– Australian Water Dragon
– Caiman Lizard

Watch to find out why they are so amazing!




0:53 Our Criteria

1:26 Uromastyx

4:09 Cuban False Chameleon (Bearded Anole)

9:27 Australian Water Dragon

13:15 Jeweled Lacerta

18:04 Caiman Lizard

22:42 Conclusion

23:23 Bloopers, Outtakes, Silliness