Clint’s Reptile Parties gives an extra dimension of fun and education to your event, and is catered for all ages. Clint’s Reptile Parties will bring a diverse assortment of reptiles your event with an extremely fun and highly informative, hands-on presentation. Presentations last about one hour with plenty of time to interact, hold and pet all the animals. We let you take all the photographs you would like, free of charge!

Check out our new Venue! With even more animals, and opportunities to feed our friendly critters.

Clint’s Reptile Videos Well hi there! Clint’s reptile videos looks to give people positive experiences with animals and the natural world because then people want to learn about them and protect them. We don’t protect what we don’t love, and we don’t love what we don’t know. And that is why this channel exists. We’re glad you’re here! youtube.com/clintsreptiles